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Reflexology is an complimentary therapy that can be used for bringing healing and balance to the body and the various systems of the body, including the digestive, lymphatic, endocrine, respiratory and immune systems. Pressure is applied to a various reflex points on the foot, which sends a signal via the nervous system for the body to relax and heal. ESPA Reflexology encompasses Aromatherapy Elements in the foot Spa and the Oil to suit your needs.

Choose any of the above treatment option as a course. Courses are most suitable for those who have long term body imbalances.  Courses are often taken over a period of twelve weeks. (Reflexology plus pedicure option could be taken over a longer period of time with gaps of 4 -6 weeks between each treatment) Courses must be paid in advance, in order to qualify for the discount.

ESPA Holistic Body

Hopi Ear Candles45 mins£45.00
Reflexology45 mins£37.00
Luxury Reflexology60 mins£47.00
Luxury Reflexology plus Hot Stones75 mins£57.00
Embrace Signature Back Facial 45 mins£48.00
ESPA Salt and Oil Body Scrub *25 mins£39.00
ESPA Exfoliating Peppermint Scrub 25 mins£40.00
ESPA Detox Reminalerlising Body Wrap *55 mins£65.00
ESPA Personalised Mud Body Wrap *75 mins£75.00
ESPA Lift and Firm Hip and Thigh Treatment 55 mins£59.00
EPSA Pre and Post Natal Treatment 85 mins£89.00
Deposits of 50% are required for all ESPA treatments. We reserve the right to request a 50% on other treatments at time of booking.


All treatments are now available to book online via the tab at the top of the page or by clicking the book online button below. You can also download our Android or iPhone App and book direct from your phone.

We reserve the right to request a 50% deposit on treatments at time of booking during exceptionally busy periods.

Students(show student ID) and Senior Clients (over 65) get 10% discount on all Hair Services.

Please note pricing is allocated dependant on the experience level of each team member and is found on our app.