Eyelash extensions

Semi permanent lashes can last up to 6 weeks, with each lash individually applied this is a time consuming but instantly rewarding treatment. Advice will be given on which lash thickness and length will be best for you. We use collagen eye pads during the treatment for added benefit.

Glamour Lashes                                                                                            £65

Full on plus sparkle or coloured lashes added for effect

Classic Lashes                                                                                           £60

Extended lashes with a natural look

Express Lashes                                                                                           £40

Speedy application makes these Express Lashes a viable option for those who only want longer thicker lashes for a special occasion without worrying about infill’s, and maintenance.

Lash Maintenance                                                                        £25


Temporary Lashes

For a special night out or a long weekend these lashes can last up to 7 days, with correct care.

Strip Lashes from                                                                         £12

Individually applied pronged lashes                                     £18