Hair Removal – Waxing!

Often given a bad press due the the perceived pain incurred, but actually this treatment is one of THE best solutions for soft smooth hair free skin.
To ensure best care at Embrace we have our favorite wax and a hot wax, both have different functions to grip hairs and work well in different areas and with different hair growth situations. Your Therapsist will advise, and recommend the best to personalize the services we offer to you.

If you are having facial waxing to guarantee you are looking great when you leave, and to protect the skin we offer a complimentary one minute make over with our Jane Iredale Mineral skincare make up, to help calm and soothe the skin.

Benefits of Waxing 

*  The warmth of the wax warms the skin and enables hair to be removed at the roots, hairs need to be a minimum of 3mm to be removed effectively.

*  Waxing regularly every 4 weeks will discourage hair growth over time. The repetition of removing hair directly from the follicle weakens the hair root and nerve, making it less painful every time, and this in turn reduces the blood supply to the hair making it finer and less likely to regrow.

*  Regrowth is finer and softer, with Waxing.  Shaved hairs are rough and regrowth is blunt and coarse, because hair is aware of the damage caused by cutting encouraging the blood supply and stimulating growth.

* Waxing can give up to 2 weeks clear skin before Re growth commences. Excellent for holidays, meaning you can travel light by leaving razors and shaving foam at home!

*  Your Skin is moisturised after waxing treatments, which you will then find easier to keep hydrated at home.  We highly recommend A Gradual Self Tanning Moisturiser, like ESPA Gradual Tan  which has dual benefits of tanning with Plant Active Melanin and nourishing Shea Butter, giving you a great year round tan.


Lip or Chin15 minsFrom £10.00
Underarm15 minsFrom £10.00
Eyebrow Shape15 minsFrom £12.00
Lip and Chin Wax15 minsFrom £10.00
Bikini15 minsFrom £12.00
Bikini - High15 minsFrom £15.00
Bikini - Progressive30 minsFrom £18.00
Intimate Brazillian / Hollywood45 minsFrom £32.00
Face Wax30 minsFrom £14.00
Forearm30 minsFrom £16.00
Lower Back30 minsFrom £20.00
1/2 Leg 30 minsFrom £17.00
3/4 Leg 45 MinsFrom £25.00
Full Leg60 minsFrom £29.00
Deposits of 50% are required for all ESPA treatments. We reserve the right to request a 50% on other treatments at time of booking.


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We reserve the right to request a 50% deposit on treatments at time of booking during exceptionally busy periods.

Students(show student ID) and Senior Clients (over 65) get 10% discount on all Hair Services.

Please note pricing is allocated dependant on the experience level of each team member and is found on our app.