NEW Body and Wet Room Treatments


Enjoy our sensory wet room full of light, aroma, sound and heat. These bodywork and skin treatment experiences have been developed to aid relaxation, by incorporating all the body’s senses, in order to restore balance and harmony. Dead Sea Black Mineral Mud * and Neals Yard Remedies Organic Aromatherapy Products have been used to bring about the ultimate benefits to you. We recommend you wear swim wear for these treatments.

*The Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth, as well as the richest in natural minerals essential in maintaining a healthy cell metabolism.  The unique properties of natural black mud found at the Dead Sea have been well-known for thousands of years.  It contains 26 minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, chlorides, zinc, lithium, chromium, iron, iodine, and barium. This mineral mud is an effective cleansing agent which absorbs oils and dirt.  It relieves muscle and joint pain  and leaves you feeling wonderfully calm.


Dead Sea Black Mineral Mud Body Treatment – £ 75

A thorough treatment ideal to kick start healthy skin renewal and improve skins integrity and raise moisture levels.
We begin the treatment by boosting the circulation and stimulating your skin after which a through application of warmed Dead Sea Black Mineral Mud, coats the whole body. This natural mud is soothing while at the same time invigorating and refreshing.  It is recommended for all skin types and particularly suitable for psoriasis sufferers, leaving the skin nourished and revitalised.
Whilst wrapped you will be able to have an optional head and scalp treatment, with auricular massage for deeper relaxation. The Rosemary and Cedarwood hair treatment will stimulate the scalp and restore body and shine to all hair types.


Hydrating NYR Body Cocoon – £69

After a warm shower with softly cleansing NYR shower cream the skin is stimulated to prepare it to absorb the luxuriously naturally scented cream which helps transform skin to feel smooth like velvet. As the cream nourishes your skin you can relax wrapped in a cocoon to aid hydration. Treatment creams will be used to treat any specific areas of concern to complete the treatment.


Uplifting Rose and Geranium Body Glow – £45

Body brushing to stimulate the circulation of the skin followed by a gently refining body polish enriched with moisturising coconut oil and balancing Aromatherapy blend of Rose and Geranium to relax and de-stress leaving you with a good sense of wellbeing and a glowing skin.


Purifying Seaweed Marine Body Scrub – £40

Firming Marine extract helps purify the skin, warming and stimulating it with black pepper and ginger oils. Using the LED shower to wash off the product completes this invigorating treatment.


Frankincense Firm and Tone for Hips and Thighs – £55

Deep tissue Massage helps purify and tone the appearance of the skin boosting circulation and enhancing the tone and elasticity of the skin with rejuvenating Frankincense, scrub, firming and toning creams.


Purifying Marine and Minerals Back Treatment – £45

Deep cleansing and purifying treatment to help problem skins, to improve and clear spots and blemishes. Includes a back massage to relax tense areas.


Bio Slimming – Hour Glass Body Treatment – £75 

Bust and/or arms can be treated at £15 per area.

This intensive massage uses 4 different products which enables the skin to absorb botanical ingredients which act on the fat tissues to metabolise the body fat cells.

This is not a compression treatment so after the treatment the only thing that makes the inches go back on is to over eat – we positively encourage you to drink water to encourage lipolysis, which reduces the fat tissue, the thermogenic effects of the treatment forces the fats into the system to be disposed of by the body.

You can be measured at the start and the end of the treatment. In our treatments we have recorded losses of 2- 8 cm, on waist, tummy and hips, on the first treatment.




Bodywork Upgrades

(available to Body Treatments and Massages)


Hot Stones – £20

Massage using Hot Stones incorporates a mixture of traditional massage movements with other complimentary therapies making it a very thorough treatment. Generating a deep level of relaxation and homeostasis as with all holistic work the client is treated as a whole and receive the maximum benefit from the treatment. The addition of the Hot Stones will improve the results of each treatment making them more effective – each stroke of a stone is equivalent to 5 without- the heat and texture of the stone enable deeper stronger massage movements. Cold stones, may also be used for therapeutic benefit.

Luxury Hot Candle Massage – £12

The ultimate in relaxation and skin hydration.  Warmth from Aromatherapy melted candles rejuvenates the cells to aid healing and repair to aching joints and ligaments.

Paraffin wax Treatment – £20

With paraffin wax we can add therapeutic benefits to other treatments- for example by using paraffin wax on ankles, or knees during a full body massage you can add to the benefits you will feel from having the treatment. The warm wax will bring relief of tension by adding heat and stimulating blood circulation reducing toxins in the area that cause pain and tenderness.

Lymph drainage – £20

Lymph drainage is particularly of benefit to puffy skin tissues and people who suffer with Oedema. We add lymph drainage through the use of micro current prior to any body treatment. The microcurrent is used to stimulate the Lymph in the tissues , this helps to reduce Oedema, especially effective prior to body massage.

Head and Scalp Treatment – £15

This is a uber relaxing treatment to add to any body treatment or facial, the massage movements over the head and scalp particularly at the back of the neck aid relaxation and soothe your body systems. Products used also help to nourish the hair giving body and shine.

Skin Zone Treatment – £15

Your therapist will consult with you as to any specific areas that may need extra treatment. For example dry skin on elbows can be reduced by addition of Body Butter during a massage treatment, or toning cream may be needed for upper arms, you may get a few spots on your back which need treatment to speed up the healing process.

Upper Arm Slimming Treatment – £15

We can utilise the Bio slimming products on this small portion of both arms to help reduce Bingo wings which can help to slim down arms during a massage or a facial.