Seasource  products are used to give the best results in these treatments, and when combined with our routines and a skillful therapist you can be assured of a memorable and effective treatment.

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Detoxifying Spa Body wrap – £65

A thorough treatment ideal to kick start a healthy eating programme or to treat skin pre or post holiday.

Body brushing, exfoiliation, to stimulate then warmed massage oil and a therapeutic mask is applied. (Sea mud and bentonite clay in the mask draws out impurities as the clays absorb excess oil from the skin, helping to prevent clogged pores, blackheads and blemishes. Antioxidant properties, vitamins and minerals from marine botanicals and bluegreen algae help detoxify and condition the skin’s surface, leaving it glowing).

Skin will be left hydrated at the end of the treatment.


Detoxifying Hip & Thigh treatment – £40

Massage and mask application help to encourage circulation to stimulate and strengthen the tissues.

Deep cleansing Back Treatment – £45

Steam, massage and exfoliation all help to improve skin texture and this relaxing treatment will leave skin, fresh invigorated and enabling healthy renewal.


NEW Luxury Hot Candle Massage Therapy

The ultimate in relaxation and skin hydration.  Warmth from aromatherapy melted candles rejuvenates the cells to aid healing and repair to aching joints and ligaments.

Leg and foot – £25

Hand to elbow – £20

Luxury Stress Buster – £35

Luxury Stress Buster Treatment combines massage to tense areas on the back, neck and shoulders, and scalp massage to complete this de stressing treatment. Hair is treated with a Sea source Spa Hair Mask rich in shea butter to strengthen and nourish hair leaving it glossy and manageable. We recommend this is left in for a minimum of 1hr, over night will give the best results. Hair will look as if you’ve been swimming after the treatment.



Stone therapy massage incorporates a mixture of traditional massage movements with other complimentary therapies making it a very thorough treatment. Generating a deep level of relaxation and homeostasis as with all holistic work the client is treated as a whole and receive the maximum benefit created from a full body treatment. The individualized  treatments used within the stone therapy massage will improve the results by the appropriate use of the hot and cold stones.

Luxury Embrace Hot Stone Therapy

Stone placement combined with massage will relieve any muscle based  tensions within the body, and the heat will ensure a deeper level of relaxation.

1 hr – £55  /  1 ½ HRS – £75

Hot and cold stones can be incorporated to make a fabulous luxury addition to: manicure, pedicure, reflexology, & facials, as a great gift idea.
Ask about availability when booking

Revitalising Body Scrub – £35

An excellent pre or post holiday treatment to exfoliate, hydrate and nourish the skin. Tropical or naturally scented products are combined with antioxidant creams to support the skin and ensure your skin is in tiptop condition.