Men Grooming Treatments

Grooming has always been the key word for Men – at Embrace we can help you look more groomed with our hair removal techniques and other treatment options, emphasizing the specific needs of Mens skin and the care that needs to be given.

  • Massage
  • Hand and Foot Care
  • Hair Removal
  • Skin and Body Care – All our Body care treatments are available to Men too.

Massage Therapy and Complimentary Treatments 


It’s the same for most people, life is very stressful. One of the best ways to de stress is to relax, and massage helps to achieve relaxation. Tight, stressed muscles cannot function effectively and eventually pain and damage set in. Massage is a preventative treatment and recommended to all stressed or not!

Please note if you are at all concerned about having a massage treatment due to any health concerns please check with your G.P, prior to booking.

See Massage or Complimentary Treatments for a full list of options

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage £29
Stress Buster Massage £35
Full Body Massage £45
Reflexology £35
Hot Stone Massage – an excellent addition for those who like a little more pressure £20


Reviber Power Massage – £37

This deeper tissue massage will relax and de stress the most tense of muscles – the back of the body is worked from heels to shoulders. Using Intensive Arnica Gel to ensure relief from aches and pains.



‘Man’icure Hand Care – £18

Groomed hands look more pleasant, particularly if you have an important job to do as Brides father or handling that new born baby? We take a little of your time to remove rough skin, nourish nails and skin and leave hands and nails looking groomed and cared for.



Nail Grooming – £12

Nail clipping for Finger Nails or Toes. Keeps nails tidy and in shape. Looking smart.



Power Pedicure – £30

Feet are soaked and scrubbed to enable hard skin to be removed. Foot massage using Australian Body care Tea Tree Products, and nail care complete the treatment.



Skincare Remedy using Neals Yard Organics for Men – £39

An uber relaxing treatment using Organic Products designed for Men. To calm any shaving rashes, Purifying any blemishes, and rejuvenate any drier areas- this treatment will help get you skin back in balance.



Turbo Facial – £55 BOOK NOW

This anti ageing facial is from our range of advanced facials particularly of benefit to men, its quick and effective. Microcurrent therapy is a technology intially used by physiotherapists to encourage healing of muscle tissue, in Beauty Therapy it is used to tone and invigorate lax muscles and improve skin tone. A course of treatment may be recommended to achieve the result you want, and re educate the muscles but a one off treatment will lift and tone in the short term. Combined with Microdermabrasion you will know you’ve had this treatment! Not for whimps!



Back or Chest Waxing – £18 / Back & Chest Waxing – £30

Waxing is an excellent way of dealing with excess hair. We recommend waxing every 4 weeks to see a reduction in hair growth.



Eyebrow Grooming – £8.50

Neaten up your brows with a mix of plucking and waxing. Other areas may be treated such as ears – Please ask your therapist.



Permanent Hair Reduction and Photo Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

IPL – Intense Pulsed Light Treatments are as relevant to Men as they are too women.

This is a type of laser treatment that will be suitable and effective on Men. The large head size of applicator makes this particularly comfortable and effective for Men’s treatments


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